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À petit feu.



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Small stockpots are small cast iron cauldrons and come with a lid. When the candle is finished, you can reuse the pot to burn incense and keep the stones for your collection.

The cauldrons are new but have a rustic look with small imperfections in their surface.

Citrus scent including lemon and bergamot enhanced by green leafy and sage notes.

The wooden wick soy candle is topped with quartz crystals, a crescent moon-shaped obsidian stone, as well as small stones of smoky quartz, amazonite and aquamarine.

10oz. soy wax without additives

Warning: Please remove any large clogs before burning your candle to ensure even wax melt.
Don't forget to remove the small piece of blackened wood that has burned after each ignition to ensure that you keep a nice, safe flame.

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