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À petit feu.



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Inviting aroma of creamy vanilla and warm blueberry pastry. This scented candle smells like blueberry dessert straight out of the oven and will make your mouth water. Attention gourmands will taste to eat this candle!

In its rustic jar that will match any decor, this candle also makes a small gift that is easily offered.

Ingredients: 8oz of pure organic soy wax without additives, wooden crackling wick, fragrances In a reusable Masson jar.

The candles are cast in small batches in my workshop, at my home located in Beloeil, QC Canada.

An 8 oz candle will burn for approximately 50 hours or more. For best results, leave your candle burning long enough for the wax to melt all the way to the rim of the jar on the first burn.

Ingredients: 8oz of soy wax blend, wooden crackling wick and fragrances in a small mason jar that you can then clean and reuse. Please follow the advice for use and maintenance instructions for our candles. You can find them in the "frequently asked questions" section at the bottom of the main store page.

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