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À petit feu.



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TWILIGHT Scent: This warm blend opens with hints of citrus and white flowers. Lily and lily of the valley bloom in a soft and complex bouquet. Exotic musk is sweetened with golden amber and vanilla.

Small stockpots are small cast iron cauldrons and come with a lid. When the candle is finished, you can reuse the pot to burn incense and keep the stones for your collection.

You may receive a cauldron with slightly different stones from the photo since each stone is unique! I always make sure it looks as good as it looks in the picture regardless.

The wooden wick soy candle is topped with small crushed amethysts, an amethyst and a blue goldstone heart.
6oz. soy wax without additives

Warning: Please remove any large clogs before burning your candle to ensure even wax melt.

thank you for visiting my shop!

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